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About Us


We deliver high performance polymer/plastic solutions for your industrial needs.

  • Design precise-and-advanced parts and assemblies
  • Develop and manufacture products for: original equipment manufacturers and demanding industrial processes
  • Execute through structured service processes
Innovation and Improvement, supported in our main success factor: “Capabilities and Applied knowledge”.
Our work team delivers results that challenge common solutions, exceed expectations, and build new tendencies that integrate technology, economy, ecology and social.
Value creation for our partners. Our creations seek mainly an increase in efficiency and profit for our customers, partners, investors, work team and society in general. This is the reason why our price/quality ratio is one of our critical success factors.
We operate accordingly to two basic corporate values: ETHICS in our relations with customers, partners and coworkers; and INTEGRITY in all services we provide.
PLADESAN maintains a quality management system in alignment with standard ISO9001 to support part and assemblies design, tooling and mold development, machining and polymeric injection mloding processes.
Material inspection certificates, regulated recycled material usage, machine and production setup records, product specifications available 24 hours at production lines, quality control defined inspections and its records; are some of the activities that assure your product lots maintains an homogeneous quality.
Our customers require differentiated precision and flexibility adapted to each market:
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Electronic Equipments
  • Chemical Processing
  • Health